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Woodcarving Merit Badge: Carving in Relief

The BSA Woodcarving Merit Badge Book has been completely revised by Jeff Springer of Topeka, KS. It is available now from BSA. Although the instructions have been revised, people still ask me for tips on how to complete certain requirements.

Instructional board for the Boy Scout Woodcarving Merit Badge requirement for carving in relief
Examples for the "carve in relief"
requirement of the Boy Scout
Woodcarving Merit Badge.

For completing Requirement #7, you have to "carve in relief." For this, I use a 2"x4" block of basswood and a 1.5" blade knife. To highlight some areas, I use a "V" tool palm chisel.

The step board shown at right illustrates several cuts that will fulfill this Merit Badge requirement. This step board, along with the other examples, comes complete with instructions on how to carve my neckerchief slide blanks. They are available to scout camps that offer my products for sale.