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Gallery of Projects

This is a gallery of some recent projects I've done, some slides and some boards of slide collections. I hope to continue adding to it.

2018 Proctologist
  • A gift for my proctologist friend.
2018 Eye Wizard
  • Another Eye Wizard for my -- wait for it -- eye doctor.
Christmas 2017 ornaments
  • The 2017 Christmas ornaments -- the tree from a magazine and the #113 Snowy Owl.
Patriotic Whale
  • A very patriotic whale!
Bobwhite Quail Walking Stick Top
  • I made this custom bobwhite quail walking stick, top, and grip for a friend in Florida.
Great Gray Owl
  • A great gray owl featured in the May/June 2017 issue of Chip Chats magazine.
Bateleur Eagle
  • A bateleur eagle featured in the Sept/Oct 2016 issue of Chip Chats magazine.
Snake slide by itself
  • The full snake slide by itself.
Snake - worn
  • Me wearing a coiled snake kerchief slide.
Full-headed Wolf
  • The full head of a wolf as a kerchief slide.
Decorative Eagle
  • A decorative desktop eagle, carved by me and painted by my friend Mitch.
Barn Owl
  • A barn owl kerchief slide.
Loggerhead Shrike
  • A loggerhead shrike kerchief slide.
2015 Santa
  • Holidays 2015 - Santa.
2015 Ornament - Snowman
  • Holidays 2015 - Snowman ornament.
Seattle/Northwest Indian Eagle art
  • My version of Seattle/Northwest Indian Eagle art.
Snowy Owl
  • Holidays 2014 - Snowy Owl with wreath.
Father Winter
  • Holidays 2014 - Father Winter.
Ornament - Snowman
  • Holidays 2014 - Ornament #1, practicing my wood turning.
Ornament - Cardinal
  • Holidays 2014 - Ornament #2, Cardinal.
Ornament - Eagle
  • Holidays 2014 - Ornament #3, Eagle.
Polar Bear
  • Holiday 2014 - A polar bear bearing gifts.
  • A new slide - T-Rex!
  • A special project for a camp director in Reading, PA.
Conclave Chief
  • Face detail of a 1957 OA Conclave Chief.
  • A Chambered Nautilus that I will be writing up for my next Chip Chats article.
  • A project for my nephew in Oregon, which will be a prize for his beard-growing contest.
Golden Eagle
  • The Golden Eagle is actually more prevelent in the US than bald Eagles.
Black Raven
  • This Black Raven is the more common variety of raven.
Red Raven
  • The Red Raven.
    Full story »
  • The Secretarybird is a raptor from the savanna of south Africa and eats snakes.
Old Goat
  • And old goat for those leaders who have been around for a long time -- like me!
Red Baron
  • Snoopy as the Red Baron.
    (Not for sale)
  • Shark!
Northwest Eagle
  • An eagle carving inspired by the Pacific Northwest.
Beer tap handles
  • Two beer tap handles I did for a friend, who had a skiing accident.
  • Delving into Egyptian mythology.
Santa 1 - 2012
  • This year, I did two Santas - here is version 1.
Santa 2 - 2012
  • This year, I did two Santas - here is version 2.
Ornament 1 - 2012
  • And I also did two ornaments - here is version 1.
Ornament 2 - 2012
  • And I also did two ornaments - here is version 2.
  • I was honored to make the commemorative slides for the Antietam sesquicentennial.
African Eagle
  • Did you know Afria had an eagle? Neither did I until the other day, so I had to carve one.
  • Another Raven Steals the Sun example, inspired by my recent vacation.
Totem Wolf
  • A totem wolf, inspired by my recent vacation to the Northwest.
Desktop Eagle
  • Desktop Eagle, based on my #30 Full Eagle slide
#30 Full Eagle slide
  • #30 Full Eagle slide
Red tail hawk
  • Red tail hawk slide
My version of an angry bird
  • My version of an angry bird
    (Not for sale)
Harpy Eagle
  • The harpy eagle was named after the harpies of Ancient Greek mythology
  • My version of that beloved dog
    (Not for sale)
  • Woodstock as a Scout
    (Not for sale)
Steller Eagle
  • Steller eagle, found on the eastern coast of Siberia, north of Japan
totem eagles
  • A northwest Indian carving (bottom) and my version as a bald eagle (top)
Ornament - 2010 Holiday Edition
  • Each year, I carve a different ornament for family and friends, 2010 Holiday Edition
Santa - 2010 Holiday Edition
  • The Santa that I carve every year, 2010 Holiday Edition
Crested Caracara
  • A crested caracara
  • My version of Fawkes, the phoenix from Harry Potter
Chief Steelers
  • Chief Steelers -- This is a statue I carved that has a little hometown pride worked in
Chief Steelers zoom
  • Chief Steelers -- closeup of the head dress
Jeff's Jamboree Eagle
  • Jeff's Jamboree Eagle, from the 2010 BSA Jamboree Merit Badge Midway booth
Raven Steals the Sun
  • Raven steals the sun, based on a northwest Indian tribal legend
Hairy Santa holiday project, 2009
  • Hairy Santa holiday project, 2009
Drummer Boy, Choby
  • Drummer Boy made by Ed Choby, my mentor, Christmas 1980
Chief Big Jaw
  • Chief Big Jaw, or as I like to call him, Chief Jay of the Leno Tribe
Great Phillipine Eagle
Computer Wizard
  • Computer wizard
Indian Statue (detail)
  • Indian statue (detail)
  • Bass
    Carved and painted by Eric Peters.
Polar bear eating a seal
  • Polar bear eating a seal for lunch
  • Buffalo
Male Ducks Board
  • Male ducks board
    used for demonstration
Eagle Slides Board
  • Eagle slides board
    used for demonstration
Birds of Prey Slides Board
  • Birds of prey slides board
    used for demonstration
Special Walking Stick Top of Totem Pole Eagle created for my local Scoutmaster
  • Special walking stick top of totem pole eagle created for my local Scoutmaster
  • Eagle
Southwestern Indian
  • Southwestern Indian